Debt Eliminaton-Self Help Tips That Can Get You Out of Debt

If you’re searching for debt elimination solutions, no doubt you’ve been inundated with advertisements for various debt management programs, companies and solutions. The truth is, there are plenty of debt elimination plans you can do yourself, and get your financial goals back into control.

While many of the advertisements you see encourage you to hand over the responsibility for your finances to other people, taking the difficult step of learning to manage your finances yourself can mean that you learn a valuable lesson. Once you’ve grasped the basics on your own, you’ll be in a much stronger financial position in that you’ll be less likely to get back into the same mess again in the future.

As you continue to read along you will discover some basic self help debt elimination options you can use to get you started on the right track.


When you start, it’s imperative to have an accurate picture of your current financial situation before you embark on a self help debt elimination program. This means figuring out exactly how much income you are bring in, and how much expenses you pay out each month.

Your income should include every type of income you’re bringing in(paychecks, bonuses, alimony, child support) you receive and write the total amount down.

Next, you need to write down all your expenses list should include things like mortgage, or rent payments, consumer debts, household expenses, utilities, cable, fuel, groceries, child fees, and any other living expenses you have. Don’t forget to include the little items you buy, like membership clubs(Netflix), snacks, or coffee. They are still expenses too, so be honest about what you’re spending.

Starting Point

Write down your outstanding balances on all of your current debts. Include any unpaid bills in this amount and add up the totals. The total figure might look a little scary at first, but it’s important you know where you’re starting in order to create a plan of attack.

Alongside each debt balance, write down the amount of interest you’re being charged and how much you’re paying each month on that debt.

Plan of Attack

Self help debt elimination works best when you create a plan specifically designed to work for your unique financial situation. Trying something that worked for a friend won’t necessarily work for you as your situation is not the same as theirs.

Ideally, you should aim at reducing the debts with the highest interest charges on them. These are costing you the most money each month. If you can see anywhere at all in your current list of expenses where you might be able to save a couple of dollars each week, then you should immediately allocate those dollars into your debt elimination plan.

You might want to consider the option of a debt consolidation loan to transfer the balances of the high-interest debts into a loan with much lower interest costs. This can help reduce your monthly repayments and give you a little more free cash each month.

Try to keep any smaller balances aside from the consolidation loan. The money you’re saving each month with your lower consolidation loan repayments should be put towards making extra payments on those smaller balances to get them cleared and out of the way quickly.

When these are under control, put that extra cash back into making some extra payments on your consolidation loan to help reduce that balance as quickly as possible.

While debt elimination techniques takes time, learning to take responsibility for your own financial situation can be a vital lesson to learn. After all, it took you time to get into debt so be patient while you spend some time getting back out of it again.

Debt Elimination Program- How to Choose the Best One

Debt elimination program- How to choose the best one

If you are suffering from debt and looking for a debt elimination program, you must beware of the companies that take the advantage of people’s emotions and the high pressure of debt. The main thing to realize is that they are fraud companies out there and will take you for thousands of dollars if you let them. They do this legally by charging up front fees and placing a lot of hidden costs in the contract.

While you go through the websites you will see that there are options like debt settlement and it is obvious that those who are in debt and suffering from non-repayment, will definitely like to opt that. They boast as if big companies are backing them and will promise to reduce your debt amount up to 50, 60 and 70%. They promise you guaranteed results and help you get rid of the lenders calls.

So you must look for debt elimination program that is authentic and gives you suggestions only after listening to your problem. It will provide you with debt elimination strategies and you can choose whatever suits you the best. Also they don’t charge you the full fee beforehand but ask you to pay them after the work is done.

There are companies or service providers that will not accept any money if the deal is not completed. However it is good to think about how to eliminate debt but to jump in the first option that comes in the way will be ‘penny wise pound foolish’ work. It is important to judge the authenticity of the service provider for debt elimination because it is a matter of your hard earned money after all.

Debt Elimination Scam- Never Get Blindsided Again From a Debt Elimination Program!

Have you been swindled by one of the many debt elimination scams that unscrupulous companies are using on desperate individuals in debt? The article below is written by Frank L. Froggatt and he writes an a good article how to avoid getting taken for a few thousand dollars or more from these debt elimination scams.

Debt elimination scams are prevalent in America as everyone has the dream of being debt-free. So many people are drowning in credit card debt, and other kinds of debt that it has become a national epidemic. To be painfully blunt though there is no such thing as “debt elimination”. It is nothing but a brokenhearted scam.

As the crisis in America continues to get worse the scam is getting ever bigger. Most of the people that are pushing these scams don’t have any qualms or compunctions about taking advantage of you in your weakened state. It is all for the love of money that they do this. Debt elimination scams promise you just that, to eliminate your debt completely, which is pretty appealing to somebody that’s facing bankruptcy or home foreclosure.

Anybody who falls for these scams usually ends up a few thousand dollars shy in their pocket of which they couldn’t afford to lose in the first place.

Debt elimination companies will use several tactics all centered around the idea that credit lines aren’t legal. It seems hard to believe but thousands of people fall for this everyday and end up giving tons of money away for absolutely nothing. They will tell their victims that since their credit lines are illegal they don’t have to pay back the debt. They even tell their victims that they will take the credit card companies to court, and because the credit card company doesn’t want any hint of a scandal they will just drop the debt.

These debt elimination scam companies are incredibly crafty in their sales pitches and will make very big claims. They will then ask you for a huge sum of money up front, in return for a waiver that you can use to make your debt disappear. These programs are highly illegal and if you take the waiver to the bank, chances are the bank will laugh at you and call the FBI and you’ll be out thousands and barraged with a bunch of questions. And you will still have to pay the debt.

No matter what sales pitch they tried to push at you, and no matter how good it sounds, don’t believe them as it is all a scam. If credit cards and banks were doing illegal things the government would have put them out of business long ago.

There are several ways in which you can legally get rid of your debt, or reduce it. But these plans actually take time and hard work. They also take discipline, because you have to learn how to control your spending.

It is never easy to be in a difficult financial situation, but there are no simple
magical pills to take that will get rid of it for you. There are legitimate programs out there which will provide you with the tools you need to get out of debt legally and naturally. Realize that if you’re going to borrow money you’re going to have to pay it back. If you have way more debt than you can handle, then you can seek help from a reputable debt consolidation company or debt management company and avoid all the things that sound too good to be true.

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