3 Fool Proof Debt Elimination Strategies to Get You Out of Debt

Here some great debt elimination strategies I found on Debt Free Destiny that will help you eliminate debt. It basically points out three basic steps you will need to do to get out of debt.

There are three basic steps you’ll need to take to eliminate your debt.  The most important step can be accomplished starting right this minute, and will be the most important thing you can do to keep yourself debt free for the rest of your life!

Step One: Stop Using Credit, Stop Applying for Credit, Stop Generating New Debt

You might be surprised at the number of people who say they are trying to get out of debt yet they continue to pull out a credit card when shopping or paying for expenses, or who sign on the dotted line for financing furniture or any other purchase.  If you want to eliminate debt you have to stop using credit, it’s that simple.  You can’t get out of debt if you continue to add more debt.

Think you need a credit card for emergencies?  Think again – it’s probably those very credit cards that put you in this situation to begin with, and the fact that you used them for an emergency and now have that debt to pay back is why you don’t have money for the next emergency that presents itself.

Go through your credit card statements and find any recurring payments you’ve set up that use the credit card.  Gym memberships, Netflix, Gaming sites – anything that charges to the credit card automatically needs to be “turned off” at this time.  If you have to keep whatever service you were paying for on the credit card, have the bill sent to your home or have it deducted from your checking account. Stop using credit.

Contact your credit card companies and ask them to lower your interest or offer you a better deal on repayments.  It doesn’t always work but it’s worth a try.  Don’t cancel your cards though, as it can lower your credit score.  Keep them open – but don’t use them!

Step Two: You Need An Emergency Fund

When you stop using credit cards, you will need to have some money to pay for unexpected or emergency expenses.  The reason you may have gotten into credit card debt in the first place may have to do with an unexpected expense and a lack of savings – so you really need some money set aside to prevent this cycle from continuing.

Try to save about $1,000 as quickly as you can, while still making minimum payments to your credit cards and other debts.  Put the money in an account you can access fairly easily, but don’t tie it to the account you use all the time with a debit card or you’ll be tempted to use it.  Set aside $25 or $50 a week – whatever you can afford while making minimum payments until you have saved $1,000.  Cut back all unnecessary expenses (eating out, gym memberships, new shoes, etc) until you have this emergency fund established.

Step Three: Have a Snowball Fight With Your Debt… and Win

You’ve stopped using credit, you’ve got about $1000 saved in an emergency fund and now it’s time to eliminate that debt once and for all!  There are a few popular methods for getting out of debt – you can use the Dave Ramsey method of paying the smallest balance first to generate momentum, the highest-interest rate method to pay less in total interest, or the debt avalanche method, as coined by ConsumerismCommentary.com.

The most important thing you can do for your financial future is to eliminate your debt.  Start right now – don’t put it off like a diet during the holiday season!  The sooner you start, the faster you can make a difference to your financial situation.